11 February 2013

walking slowly

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...And this year,for the first time in my life,I had no goals listed in a small piece of pink paper,to be hidden inside my wallet,for the year of 2013. Why?-Simply because they do not work for me,no matter how hard I've tried,they simply do not work for me!
I have given up on trying to be like my friends that do stick to goals and long"To-Do"lists...don't know how they do it either.
I'm a notorious side-tracker and goals listing do not work for me...any need to say more? 
I would write on my lists things like; To exercise at least 4 times every week this year;then I would end up finding myself seating in front of my computer,a few extra hours,researching on new exercises to build muscles,etc... Or actually going to gym and simply gasbagging for hours about trivialities with my friends. 
I would eventually exercise less and less...any need to say more?
It's like my mind has been wired to go against my wishes,to rebel against order and perhaps routines? Does it make any sense to you?
How about eating healthier? I would find myself eating out with friend more often,eating the same food as everyone in the table, just to please everyone,and then promising myself to be good next day...to repeat the same behavior in the very next day!
I have myself pinned-up this time,I know my weak spots and will work with them more efficiently...gotcha yeah!!

After all the searchings about breaking bad habits and sticking to goals I've found this site; Steve Pavlina He helps side-trackers,like myself,to stick to goals by dividing the "white-elephant"into small bites size,small enough to be attainable!
The guy can write,can also inspire you and at the same time keep you honest to your trials(goals)...simple plans but to the point. Don't they say that simplicity is the key to success?
Today I started a 30 days trial (goal) which is to be 90% raw and  therefore improve my health a bit.Tried so many times to do just that and every single time I would take 2 steps ahead towards my goals and 10 behind,does it sound familiar? 
I'm writing also a journal to keep me motivated and honest to this goal and after the 30 days I'll grab another goal and go for it !... anyone interested in joining me here?
Will my side tracking habits overtake me this time like before, we shell see won't we?
All I really needed was someone to hold my hand and help me to walk slowly,so to say,out of this clutter that has been accumulating inside my life.One small goal-at-a-time,keeping me out of trying to overachieve by bitting too bigger goals or too many goals,too fast.Hopefully I will learn that the big goals can become a possibility for me if i can stick to my small goals till the end?... and have you notice that Steve called "Goals" trials?

My 30-day trial of eating nothing but raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds),will be logged as a journal every single day...are you interested on joining me? Have you ever done something like this before? Any ideas or tips?
Should I open another blog to log the journal for this trial or keep all in this blog,what is your opinion?
Any way,just wanted to share my plans for the next 30 days with you guys today.
be happy



  1. If you are serious about setting yourself goals then go ahead - but that can cause so much much pressure, or even make you feel a 'failure' if you don't achieve them.
    I was a vegetarian for 20 years (my husband for 30) but I went back onto meat when I went onto dialysis as I needed the protein. Things are always changing in life and there are no hard and and rules. A veg, fruit and nut diet for me would cause me gastric problems! - but you are young enough to give it a try.
    My philosophy now is just to live each day the best way I can - even if I don't manage to always do what is healthy or inspiring.

    A separate blog might be good idea - easy enough for people to find when it is linked to your profile. Good luck in whatever you decide to do X

  2. agreed totally with you my dear friend! =)

  3. Yes, just be kind to yourself Lila... regarding my kidney failure, it wasn't caused by a low protein diet, but by a inherited degenerative disease. Too low a protein diet does mean that a body eventually starts to 'eat' the muscle in the body though. I think just a well balanced diet works best - although we all over indulge at times!
    Concentrate on your strengths - writing, photography and just being the kind and sensitive sort of person that your blog shows you to be. X

  4. I don't make resolutions anymore but I did make one promise to myself this year - to read more books. Oh, and to focus on positive things. So stay true to your goals and take them slowly, one day at a time. I am sure you will succeed.


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