19 April 2015

A tale of paradise

Today I am giving you an insight inside my life in Fiji,did I tell you that I've moved to Fiji? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually live inside a tropical island? Not long ago,I used to  daydream about it...Used to dream about myself  glamorously soaking up the sunshine in my idyllic hammock du jour, gazing out from beneath my over-sized shades upon the turquoise sea and there it is – with a definitive exhale, Yeessss, this is the life!  It is this stream of consciousness that compels tourists to marvel upon us on an almost daily basis, HOW do you LIVE here?  They want the full story – the inside track, some magical formula that will get them from their comparably drearier existence onto the Path to Paradise. Now I'm inside that paradise,that island life so desired by many; it is not that glamorous at all! And it’s not all sunshine and umbrella drinks.At least not all the time. It is amazingly beautiful here,I have to be honest,but this is just about all.It is also terribly frustrating to live inside an island,let me tell you.No hair dresser,if you need to touch up your grays,forget it! No Pharmacy,no coffee shops,no shopping for anything that you are used to back on the civilized world. You have to learn to adapt...lots.You will also have to learn to give up your old ways, friends,family,pets,your luxuries,your comfortable lifestyle an much more. Soon you will get sick and tired of same old same old beach and coconuts trees,So much so that you will find yourself actually proclaiming phrases

17 March 2015

So...yeah....I took a blogging break.


Yes, I am alive..been a long,long,long break hum?
I’ve taken a well earned break away from blogging, and the break has somehow turned into a lengthily absence. Finally,after much hesitation, the time has come for me to make a comeback to blogging, and I'm now more ready and focused than ever before.
So why did I go on a long blogging hiatus? Because I wanted to spend more time doing other things like reading,taking beautiful pictures,loving myself,having "real" friends and enjoying lots of quality time with my family and friends. Most of all to heal my soul.
To be honest, I did not feel like writing even though this is one of the things I cannot image not doing – ever. I felt out of groove, out of touch with reality.I felt like I needed to take a break for a bit.
It may not seem like a big deal to some of you but everything that we add to our blogs takes time away from getting the work done and from our real lives.Blogging was simply adding more stress to my life,there you have it!
I know the idea of taking a blogging break doesn’t sound too convenient to a lot of people. You think you’re going to lose your audience, or your readers will think you’re not in it for the long run.There can be a lot of stress that comes with blogging, but worrying about things like that will only make it worse.If you need a break,take one,stop stressing over it!
I felt  burned out and did not seem to find the motivation to make a post,did not fell like myself anymore, and it was showing in my posts...Sorry!
I got depressed...bummer!

12 February 2013


eye poetry

On my "sad" days I surf  the internet looking around for inspirations,pick-me-ups that will do just that;lift my soul!
Most of the time I surf inside Flickr,ETSY or at Poetry.com. Always coming back lifted and inspired to concentrate on getting busy with better things in life rather than feeling sorry for myself.
Being an Artist is hard,there are no promises of money it it, no promises of immediate success,no promises that your Mojo will deliver 100% of the time and,specially,no promises that you will please others or be understood by anyone...It's a lonely road for sure! Being an artist requires more than just an inclination to be one,you have to be born one...you have to be born with an artistic soul to be able to create Art,and You must be a bit on the crazy  side too! =D
In my surfings I have seen beauty and I have seen people trying to see beauty.Do I make any sense?
I have seen photographers that have never study photography and yet,creates amazing beauty... and photographers with degrees,a well paid job,even fame attached to their names yet,no artistic soul in them.They keep on Producing dead work that appeals to name collectors only.